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Oh herro, prease!

2010-12-28 17:32:10 by AttackTurtle

Hey there, I'm AttackTurtle!

You can call me Evan, or Turtle, or Captain Fluffy Trousers, if that's what your into.

I'm starting a flash series called Absent Minded featuring two main characters.
Kevin (right) and Dave (left).

I am colorblind by the way, so it is generally difficult to animate in color. I don't enjoy it, but it has to happen.

Speaking of which, I am aware that Kevin's hair is green, I did that on purpose. It's not because I'm colorblind that his hair is a weird color.

About me:

I live in central Wisconsin and I'm 16 years old. My favorite animators on Newgrounds are Kirbopher, Granfaloon, Edd, and Egoraptor.

That is all.

Oh herro, prease!